Would you like your child to “Go Large”?

You are what you eat

I think it is fair to say we have all heard that expression. It really is one of the best pieces of health advice you can give someone.

If you look at animals, not all of them are meat eaters, some are vegaterian but they all know what they want to eat. Like, you would never see a tiger grazing on grass instead of eating meat. Humans in general are more confused. Some humans are really focused (foodies, sports people, doctors and health professionals) on what they eat while others have been consumed by marketing and are food-blind. Where they can be led into thinking its ok to fill yourself and kids with bad quality food and expect to feel and indeed look as good as the focused group and their kids.

A lot of people go to places that serve high fat, high salt and basically low quality food with their kids and they are lead to believe that it is a ‘treat’. They then think of course I am going to ‘Go Large’ when I go there, It’s a ‘treat’, and what is better than a ‘treat’ for Tiny Tim???… a BIGGER ‘treat’!

So you bring your kids there and set the ‘Go Large’ precedent. Oh great now you can’t walk by one of these places with a hungry child. These fast food joints are everywhere. Kids are everywhere. Kids are always hungry, because they are growing. The food you as a parent put into them is the building blocks for their brain and body. Now ‘Tiny Tim’ is more ‘Tremendous Tim’ and seems somewhat slower physically and mentally.

The poor kids get a terrible time, even in some-what better restaurants the kids menu can be similar in choice and quality to the afore mentioned ‘treats’. My advice, bring your kids to places where the food is top quality and then ‘Go Large’. Country markets are always good for choice and quality. There out door too so once the rain stays away its all good. You will probably spend more money but it’s worth it!?! Also get your child to drink water!

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