Ronald Mc Donald Trump

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Ronald Mc Donald Trump

mexican_soft_drink_kills2Ronald Mc Donald and Donald Trump, unfortunately two big names on the world stage, with lots in common. Words like greed, cheep and fast and expressions like “in your face” and “bad hair day” could be associated with both parties.

Voting for either is a vote for the Obescity, a city where the food is low quality, fast and addictive. Really what I’m saying is that every time you spend your money you vote. You make a choice and vote with the transaction. Maybe instead of voting for mass produced branded foods designed to make you want more, you could vote more ethically and instead of going to a branded place try a local cafe, greasy spoon, diner or whatever. Or even buy good ingredients and cook for yourself.

It’s a powerfull concept if the world starts spending more ethically!
Igot Rottt – Professor

Every time you do that you help the small independent place and kind of squeeze Donald where it hurts, ahem… his cash flow! Every time you’re voting for a better quality, fairer and more decent seoceity, with a better distribution of the wealth. Money makes the world go round and what you spend your money on defines the high streets.

Buy quality where you can, it’s a vote for the new city of the future. And ‘yes we can’ have this place, like when ants work together. If we all just change our habits, it could happen overnight. I’m hopeful for tomorrow ;/

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